PC is becoming the new TV

If you’re watching more TV on your computer these days -- and less on an actual TV -- you’re not alone.

A survey by the nonprofit Conference Board released Tuesday showed that nearly a quarter of households in the U.S. now view television programs online. That’s up from 20% last year.

The quarterly Consumer Internet Barometer survey found that news shows were watched by 43% of online viewers, followed by sitcoms, comedies and dramas, watched by 35%. Slightly less than 20% viewed reality shows online, and 18% took in sports.

Viewership of the Hulu online service -- which offers shows from NBC, ABC, Fox and others -- nearly quadrupled from last year, but that’s not a big surprise because Hulu didn’t debut until March 2007.


The survey found that 90% of online viewers watch at home. The remaining 10% watch at the office.