The party animal surfaces on the road

Dear Amy: My husband has begun traveling frequently for work.

Even though his employer compensates him well for each trip, he spends extravagantly, often putting large charges on our credit card.

He drinks excessively.

When I ask him why this continues to happen, even though he promises not to do any of these things each time he leaves, he can’t explain it.


It is just not like my normally responsible and respectful husband. Is it time to see a counselor?

Frustrated Wife

Dear Frustrated: It is time to see a counselor.

Your husband is binge drinking, binge spending and is out of control when he’s on the road. Furthermore, he doesn’t know why he is behaving this way.


This could be triggered by stress -- at home or at work. Or it could be a relapse of an earlier problem he hasn’t told you about.

Because this seems to be happening regularly, he should see a professional to explore what’s going on.

Don’t frame this as a household budgeting issue but as a mystery that worries you to the core.

Urge him into therapy before his employer does.


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