Highlights from Villaraigosa’s proposed budget

Highlights from the mayor’s 2010-2011 proposed budget:
* Maintain a force of 9,963 sworn police officers by hiring for attrition at a cost of $7.7 million
* In addition to 105 workers who have been let go, lay off as many as 750 of the city’s roughly 35,000 employees unless labor unions agree to additional concessions
* Permanently eliminate 3,546 positions vacated by layoffs, early retirements and attrition
* Ask most city employees to take between 16 and 26 furlough days but exempt police, library, parks, zoo and convention center employees and firefighters, with the exception of some fire officials performing administrative duties
* Reduce library hours to five days a week instead of six
* Fill 225,000 to 250,000 potholes this year, instead of the 300,000 allotted in this year’s budget
Source: Mayor’s proposed budget