Pierre-Luc Gagnon wins the Maloof Money Cup

As he held a huge chalice and $75,000 check for his Maloof Money Cup win, it was hard to contend anyone has had a better two weeks than pro skateboarder Pierre-Luc Gagnon.

Last weekend, he stood in front of cameras with X Games gold around his neck for best trick and vert skateboarding.

“Amazing two weeks,” Gagnon said. “It’s been a lot of work, but it’s been fun too. I’m speechless.”

The work he put in will pay off. Gagnon is still waiting on checks from his X Games wins, but has earned more than $100,000 in the last two weeks.


Bob Burnquist finished second Saturday and Andy MacDonald was third.

Toward the end of Saturday’s vert competition, it was clear Gagnon would be the winner.

Skateboard announcer Dave Duncan took the microphone away from his mouth and said “this is pretty much a victory lap” as Gagnon began his last turn.

The win was also Gagnon’s second Maloof Money Cup vert victory in the event’s three years.


“It means the world to me,” Gagnon said. “I’ve been working a lot for this and I had a plan. I was seeing the way Andy, Bucky [Lasek] and Bob were skating, and they definitely put a lot of pressure on me.”

Gravette tricks out

David Gravette was being pulled in five different directions, and all he wanted was a beer.

He had a $10,000 check for the rail grind, which he ended by flipping his skateboard to win tech deck best trick. And soon he had a beer.

“I really like this beer,” he said.

The crowd and the judges liked his trick, which narrowly edged out Adam Dyet, last year’s winner. It took Gravette 20 tries to land the move, called a 50-50 kick flip, and he barely pulled off the winning trick.

“The one I landed I didn’t get in right,” he said. “I kind of got lucky with the flip-out.”

Skateboard street finals


Chris Cole, the winner of skateboard street at last year’s Maloof Money Cup and a rendition of the tournament in New York, led the final six to make it into the skateboard street finals. They will join six competitors who qualified Friday. The final will take place from 6 to 8 p.m. Sunday.