Andrew Bynum says he has a sore knee


The pain in his right knee struck Lakers center Andrew Bynum with 5:27 left in the game Sunday, right after he scored on an offensive rebound.

Bynum reported no swelling in the knee he had surgery on last summer, the same knee that forced him to miss the first 24 regular-season games while he recovered.

It was Bynum’s fourth game back, and it was his best effort.


He finished with 16 points, seven rebounds, including five on offense, and one blocked shot in 17 minutes 39 seconds.

“My first couple of games, like I said, the game started moving fast because I had been out for so long,” Bynum said. “But now it feels like it’s slowing down a little bit. I feel a little bit more comfortable out there.”

Bynum missed a left-handed layup in the fourth quarter but got the rebound and scored on a put-back for a 103-95 Lakers lead in the fourth.

That’s when he felt the pain.

“Actually, my knee is a little bit sore today,” Bynum said. “I kind of felt a little pain when I double-jumped when I missed the layup and I went back up with the rebound.

“But it will be all right. There is no swelling. I’ll just ice it all the way home and it should be good.”

The Lakers left Toronto after the game and flew back to Los Angeles.

Bynum maintained that he wasn’t nervous about this latest situation.

“I have to live with it,” Bynum said. “It’s not going to change. So, there’s nothing to be nervous about now. You just have to expect that that’s going to happen.

“But I can’t wait to start working with my trainer when we get back home, so I can get a little bit of my explosion back. I feel like I can’t really jump right now. As of right now, I feel like I’m kind of glued to the floor.”

Bynum might have made some strides against the Raptors, but Lakers Coach Phil Jackson said the center is not fully back.

“You can see that it takes him a long time to gather himself and put the ball back up,” Jackson said. “Incrementally, yes, but we haven’t seen a big jump yet.”

Jackson gives the Magicthe edge in trade

The trade made by the Orlando Magic on Saturday has resonated across the NBA.

It was a blockbuster trade by the Magic that Jackson said gives Orlando the advantage over what the other teams received.

The Magic acquired Gilbert Arenas from the Washington Wizards for Rashard Lewis.

The Magic sent Vince Carter, Marcin Gortat, Mickael Pietrus and a 2011 first-round draft pick to the Phoenix Suns for Hedo Turkoglu, Jason Richardson and Earl Clark.

“It’s given Orlando a playmaker, a guy who can do stuff on his own in Arenas,” Jackson said. “That’s kind of a big thing for them. So, I think Orlando is trying to shake things up with their team a little bit, trying to get some more power in their lineup.”