Any hidden hazards for kids in your holiday decor? Let's start with mistletoe...

Mistletoe is so romantic – and so toxic. And it could pose a danger to little kids who tend to view such non-food objects as worthy of chewing.

"Most of the household injuries that occur during the holiday are the exact same types of injuries that occur commonly throughout the year -— poisonings, chokings, falls and burns," Dr. James Schmidt says in a Newport News Daily Press story.

This doctor has advice on how parents can avoid a trip to the ER over Christmas. Biggest potential danger to kids? Grandma’s purse. Read the full story here to find out why.

And then there’re toys. In 2009, an estimated 250,100 toy-related injuries sent kids to the ER, according to this U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission report.

So take a minute to child-proof the house -- with the holiday hazards in mind.

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