For the record


2011 Mustang GT: A review of the 2011 Ford Mustang GT in Thursday’s Business section understated the increases in horsepower and torque over the 2010 model. Horsepower increased by 31%, not 7%, and torque increased by 20%, not 5%. The review also said that Ford Motor Co. had surpassed General Motors Co. as the nation’s top automobile seller. GM is the nation’s top auto seller through the first five months of 2010.

Oil spill and wildlife: An article in Monday’s Section A about wildlife casualties of the spill in the Gulf of Mexico said that birds contaminated with oil had shown up in Texas. No birds associated with the gulf spill have been collected in Texas. A statement Monday from the Fish and Wildlife Service said the mistake appeared in its report and was the result of a data input error.

Home of the Week: The Home of the Week feature in Sunday’s Business section on a Craftsman for sale in Pasadena misidentified the photographer of the exterior shot of the house. The photograph was taken by Kristen Simental, not Chun Ming Huang.

Chinese students: An article and accompanying photo caption in Saturday’s Section A about Chinese students seeking entry into Harvard University misspelled student Chang Shuai’s name as Chang Shui.

Film preservation: An article in Monday’s Calendar section about plans to preserve and make available a collection of 75 silent films misspelled the last name of Brian Meacham, the short film preservationist at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, as Meachum on one reference.

“More Lies About Jerzy”: A review of the play “More Lies About Jerzy” in Friday’s Calendar section referred to the country where Jerzy Kosinski grew up as Nazi Poland. It should have said that Kosinski grew up in Poland during its occupation by Nazi Germany.

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