Q&A with Aziz Ansari of ‘Parks and Recreation’

Master of the ineffectual pickup line and able to rock a pink polo shirt like nobody’s business, Aziz Ansari’s Tom Haverford has quickly become one of television’s most endearing, self-defeating idiots. We spoke to Ansari about his “Parks and Recreation” character a couple of days before his hosting gig for the MTV Movie Awards.

I’m looking at Tom’s Twitter feed right now. “Need summer job while Pawnee gov’t is shut down. Want something cool and sexy. First stop: Lady Foot Locker. Other suggestions?”

I feel like Tom would try to get a job at Brooks Brothers and, if that didn’t work out, he’d talk to Brooks Brothers Boys. That’s what he wears: Brooks Brothers Boys. It’s a slimmer fit, and it’s cheaper.

Going into Season 3, Tom has a girlfriend. The mind boggles.

It’s going to be fun. He can’t just talk a good game anymore. He’s got to deal with the reality. But then, it could be worse. Just think of the girlfriend.

Maybe Tom can pick up some pointers from Rob Lowe’s character.

Rob’s amazing. The last time I worked with Rob was when we worked on “The Outsiders” together. I played a toddler that was running around in the background during one of his scenes. So it’s good to catch up. [He’s kidding … we think.]

You just hosted the MTV Movie Awards. Any advice for the Emmys?

Invite the cast of “Jersey Shore.” Who knows what they’ll do? Ronnie might punch someone in the face. That possibility of the unexpected adds tension to the evening.

— Glenn Whipp