Christine O'Donnell is praying that all her supporters turn out

Christine O’Donnell, the Senate candidate who questioned whether separation of church and state was explicitly in the Constitution, said on Tuesday that she prays that her supporters will turn out and snatch victory from what polls say is a likely defeat.

“I’m feeling very excited,” O’Donnell said after voting and dropping off a box of doughnuts, one of America’s favorite comfort foods.  “It’s neck and neck and I’m praying that everybody turns out.”

O’Donnell, who upset the GOP establishment to win the Senate nomination, and her Democratic opponent, Chris Coons, voted Tuesday morning in Wilmington, Del. They are fighting for the seat held for more than 30 years by Vice President Joe Biden.

O’Donnell, a “tea party” movement favorite upset the GOP by defeating a moderate Republican who was expected to win the general election, giving the party a leg up in its drive to win control of the Senate. Republicans need a net gain of 10 seats to take over the Senate majority.

Polls had O’Donnell down by as many as 19 points, but she has closed the gap a bit in recent days, though she remains well behind Coons.

During one of her debates with Coons, O’Donnell asked where in the Constitution the separation of church and state is listed. Coons said it was in the First Amendment.

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