How do states measure up on the well-being scale? This study tells you

Where you live could determine how well you feel — and how long you live. At least that’s the finding of a study called Measure of America that ranked U.S. states by education, health and income.

The Hartford Courant explains why Connecticut came in tops and why that matters: “A baby born in Connecticut today has a life expectancy of 5 years more than a baby born in West Virginia,” the story says.

Maybe so. But the same story also points to a different study in which the Nutmeg State drew low marks on the happiness scale.

So don’t pull up stakes and move yet. There are many ways to rank states: most depressed, most livable, etc.


Still, the Measure of America’s interactive map is a cool way to look at how your state stacks up. And provides a comprehensive look at all kinds of health data state by state.