Heavens! It’s 11-11-11

It’s 11-11-11; do you know where your dharma is?

The unusual confluence of numbers in today’s date has many Southern Californians dumbfounded, fearful, exultant and wondering what it all means.

Squared, the date becomes a palindrome (reads the same backward and forward): 111111 X 111111 = 12345654321.

In the ancient Maya calendar it was supposed to usher in a planetary rebirth, according to modern apocalyptica that has inspired any number of YouTube videos and TV segments.

But is it a good day or a bad day? Nobody knows, but here in Los Angeles, plenty of people are determined not to miss out on the cosmic vibes.

Promoter Kendall Ray Morgan of Tucson said he is expecting 600 people for his three-day 11-11-11 Crystal Skulls World Mysteries Gateway in L.A. Event at an airport hotel.


The Crystal Skulls gathering brings Maya shamans from the Yucatan bearing, yes, 13 crystal skulls which, according to a prophesy, will tell humankind how it can save itself, presumably before the world ends.

Morgan says there will be ancient ceremonies, lectures, a crystal skull drawing and private sessions with the skulls themselves.

“Who knows?” he said, when asked where the skulls came from. “There have been healings, people have remembered things they forgot long ago. People are extremely worked up about this; we will probably have to turn away 200 people tomorrow.”

Hari Jiwan, a teacher at Golden Bridge yoga studio in Hollywood, calls it a day of shifting cosmic direction that could go either way.

The shift brought the asteroid 2005 YU55 hurtling close to Earth and dumped the most autumn snow on New York City since the Civil War, he said.

During the last period of similar intergalactic tumult, Atlantis fell into the sea and Noah had his flood, Jiwan said.

Golden Bridge is promising to usher students through “the magic entry gates” of 11:11 a.m. and 1:11 p.m at a sold-out meditation class promising access to “galactic manifestation realms.”

For those stuck in the office or picking up the kids during the session, Jiwan advises getting on the right side of the vibrations.

“Tomorrow, no matter where you are, look for the most positive, beneficial solution and take it,” he said. “Be aware of your breath, of your kindness and the gentleness of your own nature.”

To mathematicians, 11-11-11 is a prime number -- nice, even useful, but still just a number.

“11-11-11, it doesn’t mean much,” UCLA mathematician Haruzo Hida said. “I’m a numbers theorist, but we don’t study meanings.”