Sarah Palin largely avoids politics in ‘Today’ show appearance

Joining what she has dubbed the “lame-stream media,” if only for a brief time, Sarah Palin ended up throwing as many jabs at herself as at President Obama during an appearance on the “Today” show Tuesday morning.

Introduced amid a pile of newspapers, acting flustered, Palin immediately harkened back to her infamous interview with former “Today” host Katie Couric.

“Oh man, she’s doing her homework!” current host Matt Lauer joked as the former Alaskan governor then dove into an anecdote about being mistaken for Tina Fey, known for her pitch-perfect impersonations of Palin on “Saturday Night Live” during the 2008 election cycle.

Though Palin eventually touched on political matters, particularly during her sit-down interview with Lauer, what was most striking about Palin’s appearance was how she seemed less like a former candidate at the forefront of the political conversation and more like another anchor on the “Today” show.

When discussing matters of national importance though, Palin toed the line, criticizing Obama and remaining confident that the GOP would be able to rally behind a candidate and thwart Obama’s reelection. Any Republican candidate, Palin said “would be infinitely better than what we have today.”


“The four gentlemen that are running, they all have their strengths and America would be better off with any of them,” she said, though she did not make an endorsement.

When asked about whether the improving economy under Obama gave his administration more credibility, Palin was equally curt. “They aren’t getting better fast enough,” she said.

Palin also had some advice for former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, the current favorite for the GOP presidential nomination, telling him to “go rogue and shake it up” as opposed to playing it safe.

That was pretty much the extent of her political discussion, as additional segments with the former vice-presidential candidate featured her joking about the hoopla over her having notes written on her hand, discussing the media’s portrayal of singer Jessica Simpson’s weight gain during her pregnancy, a terse rejection of the film “Game Change,” in which she was portrayed by Julianne Moore, and the “crapshoot” of raising teenage daughters.

Perhaps the most telling moment came when Palin shared some cautionary words that seemed perfectly suited for those still dreaming of her making another run at office, a prospect she has teased by never closing the door on a return to public life.

“And, you know, I would warn voters to never put their faith wholly in an individual, in a politician, because a politician will disappoint you,” she said.

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