Tennessee woman arrested for calling 911 to report ‘nasty’ burger

To hear Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover girl Kate Upton tell it, nothing beats a Carl’s Jr. burger.

But a Tennessee woman is now facing charges after she called 911 to report that the hamburger she received at her local Hardee’s (sister chain to Carl’s Jr.) was downright “nasty” and she wanted a refund, stat.

Actually, Donna Marie Nichols, 50, called 911 twice last week to report her disappointment with the burger. The Smoking Gun website obtained one of the audio calls, which explains why this story has been pinging around the blogosphere this morning.

In the recording, Nichols tells the dispatcher, “I had ordered some food from Hardee’s over here and the food is no good, and the girl told me when I called her back that I could bring it back and get my money on it. Now she’s telling me she can’t do anything until tomorrow.”


In Nichols’ defense, she was tired after a long day and wasn’t feeling all that well — and a bad burger wasn’t helping matters.

“I had to work for seven hours today to get that money just to eat a sandwich and I just got out of the hospital yesterday and they can give me my money back,” she also told the dispatcher. “I only took a small bite out of the burger and it’s nasty.”

Roane County deputies responding to the call arrested Nichols on “abuse of 911" charges and booked her into the Roane County Jail, according to WRCBtv in Chattanooga, Tenn.

And thus we conclude with a lesson that (apparently) bears repeating again and again: 911 is for emergencies.


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