Move over helicopter cat, Hovercat video goes viral

Just one week after Orvillecopter took the Internet by storm, the APSCA has released Hovercat -- a new video that offers a less morbid take on the flying cat phenomenon.

As you may recall, the Orvillecopter was a dead, stuffed cat that was turned into a remote-control helicopter by its owner -- Dutch artist Bret Jansen. The “Katkopter,” as the Dutch press came to call it, debuted at an art festival in Amsterdam and created a stir around the world.

For those who couldn’t abide Orvillecopter (and we heard from plenty of people who could not) -- Hovercat may be a preferable alternative.


The one-minute video features a fluffy orange cat named George who bops his head to Dub music. As soon as his adopted owner -- Dan Harris of ABC’s “Nightline” -- leaves the apartment, George starts to hover in midair.

First he does air spins in the living room, next he does “Matrix"-like moves in the bedroom. At the end of the video we see him falling into his handsome owner’s arms at the end of a long day of floating, all fluffy and cuddly and purring happily.

The video has already been viewed 466,000 times in just four days, as of this writing.

The tagline of the Hovercat video is, appropriately: “A million viral videos waiting to be adopted.”

Talk about tailoring your message -- purrfectly -- to your audience.

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