Share is selling gold-plated vacuum for $1 million

“If $1 million is pocket cash to you, I know what a rich one like you should do...”

So says the rap song touting the 24-karat gold-plated vacuum at

That’s right. A gold-plated vacuum advertised in a rap song.

“It’s 24-karat, man, I wanna marry it. Lifetime warranty, you’ll never have to bury it.”

Think it’s a joke? Not so, says the vacuum-selling website.

After six months of “diligent research and development,” the site unveiled the GV62711, complete with a disposable HEPA bag and a 10-amp motor.

“While it may be drenched in gorgeous 24k gold and carry a price tag that’s making jaws drop around the world, the GoVacuum GV62711 hasn’t overlooked the finer details,” the site said in a news release.


The 16-pound vacuum can be customized with engraving and the customer can choose the material for the vacuum’s hand-sewn bag.

“Six months ago I got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and was blinded by golden light in my half-asleep daze, I thought ‘why is there not a gold vacuum for sale?’” Justin Haver, vice president of, said in statement.

But if $1 million is pocket cash to you, this prime New York City parking spot, or this island off the coast of Belize are both on the market for a cool million.

If islands aren’t your thing and you still are itching to spend $1 million on a vacuum, (I mean, who isn’t?) try buying 1,538 of Dyson’s most expensive model, the DC28 Animal, and still have about $300 left for extra nozzles and accessories.


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