‘Art Made from Books’
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‘Art Made from Books’
The cover of “Art Made from Books.” (Chronicle Books)
‘Stuart Little’ (2011) by Thomas Allen
A weathered and discarded copy of E.B. White’s classic “Stuart Little” was gently manipulated to make big pictures of a little mouse. This was part of a series of unique works of art made for the Charlotte R. Bloomberg Children’s Center at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. (Thomas Allen)
‘Flights of Mind’ (2012) by Vita Wells
Artist Vita Wells explores perception and tries to “prompt reflection on what we think we know.” This installation -- made with only books and filament -- was put up at the Oakopolis Gallery in Oakland. (Scott McCue Photography)
‘Nothing to Read Here’ (2010) by Yvette Hawkins
Yvette Hawkins is known for sprawling installations that fill whole rooms; she uses traditional craft techniques such as folds, cuts, prints and stitches to effect. This installation was put up at the Keel Row Shopping Center in the United Kingdom. (Yvette Hawkins)
‘How to Be’ (2010) by Lisa Kokin
Lisa Kokin’s more recent work focuses on self-help books and reconfiguring them into “deceptively cheerful pieces.” Here, the spines of the books are shown in this piece that incorporates PVA glue, wire, mull and thread. (Lia Roozendaal / Jagwire Design, courtesy of Seager Gray Gallery)
‘Falling for You’ (2010) by Mike Stilkey
Creating artwork out of vintage and used objects, Mike Stilkey has painted a cast of characters on those materials. Here, Stilkey used acrylic to paint a woman over a stack of vintage books. (Mike Stilkey)
‘The Web’ (2012) by Guy Laramee
Guy Laramee sculpts landscapes out of books. Here, he has used Webster’s Encyclopedic Unabridged Dictionary of the English Language. (Guy Laramee)
'@beathhigh’ (2011) by Anonymous
This art piece was made for Twitter user @beathhigh (Ian Rankin) to celebrate the publication of “The Impossible Dead” and to thank Rankin for his support. (Chris Scott)
‘The Medium is the Massage’ (2006) by Robert The
A work by artist Robert The, the title of the book is a twist on Marshall McLuhan’s phrase “The medium is the message.” (Robert The)