Boston marathon bombing survivor Jeff Bauman to publish book

Jeff Bauman had both legs amputated above the knee after being injured in the bombing at the Boston Marathon.
(Charles Krupa / Associated Press)

The wounded man in one of the most memorable photos of the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing, Jeff Bauman, will publish a book in April 2014, on the event’s anniversary.

Grand Central will publish the book, the New York Times’ Julie Bosman tweeted Wednesday.

Bauman was at the marathon waiting to see his girlfriend cross the finish line. Standing toward the rear of the crowd, he was close to one of the backpacks that exploded. A widely circulated photo of the dazed and injured Bauman being swept away in a wheelchair showed his legs, damaged and bleeding.


An uncropped version of the image showed his left leg had been blown off at the calf, the New York Times reported. Bauman’s injuries were so severe that both legs were amputated above the knee; during his initial surgery, he had to be resuscitated more than once.

Bauman, 27, was working at the deli counter at Costco to pay student loans in hopes of returning to the University of Massachusetts at Lowell.

Bauman was one of the eyewitnesses who pointed authorities to the Tsarnaev brothers. While standing at the back of the crowd, he saw a young man nearby in low hat, dark, heavy coat and glasses with a backpack; when he looked again, the man was gone, but the backpack remained. Then, the explosion.

Since his recovery, he has become a motivational speaker who offers, as his speakers bureau puts it, “a heartwarming story of survival and courage.”

So far, no book has been announced from Carlos Arredondo, the man in the cowboy hat in the iconic photograph, a peace activist who rushed to help Bauman.


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