Gabriel Garcia Marquez at 87
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Gabriel Garcia Marquez: Through the years

Gabriel Garcia Marquez at 87
Colombian Nobel literature laureate Gabriel Garcia Marquez meets with fans and reporters outside his Mexico City home on March 6, his 87th birthday.  (Eduardo Verdugo / Associated Press)
Gabriel Garcia Marquez in 2005
Gabriel Garcia Marquez, shown in Barcelona, Spain, in 2005, was a prolific writer. Among his best-loved works are “One Hundred Years of Solitude,” “Love in the Time of Cholera,” “The General in His Labyrinth,” and “Chronicle of a Death Foretold.” (Cesar Rangel / AFP/Getty Images)
Gabriel Garcia Marquez in 1992
Gabriel Garcia Marquez salutes his admirers in the Jorge Eliecer Gaitan Theatre in Bogota, Colombia, in 1992 in this photo from the book “Gabriel Garcia Marquez: A Life” by Gerald Martin, published by Knopf. (GARA-Archive / Knopf)
Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Bill Clinton
Gabriel Garcia Marquez talks with former President Bill Clinton in Cartagena, Colombia, in 2007. Clinton and Garcia Marquez knew each since at least 1994, when they attended a dinner party at William Styron’s house that Garcia Marquez later wrote about. They debated the works of William Faulkner.  (Cesar Carrion / AFP/Getty Images)
Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Arthur Miller
Gabriel Garcia Marquez and playwright Arthur Miller visiting Havana in 2000. The trip, which included a stopover at Hemingway’s Cuban home, was aimed at promoting contacts between intellectuals internationally.  (Jose Goitia / Associated Press)
Gabriel Garcia Marquez gets the Nobel Prize
Gabriel Garcia Marquez on stage after receiving the Nobel Prize for literature in Sweden in December 1982.  (Bertil Ericson / AFP/Getty Images)
Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Gabriel Garcia Marquez reads in Pasadena at the 52nd general assembly of the Inter-American Press Assn. in October 1996. Garcia Marquez was a journalist before he began writing novels. (Frank Wiese / Associated Press)
Fidel Castro and Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Cuban leader Fidel Castro and Gabriel Garcia Marquez speak during a dinner at the annual cigar festival in Havana in 2000. “Fidel is the sweetest man I know,” Garcia Marquez told a journalist in 1977. And in a Playboy interview in 1983, the author said, “Ours is an intellectual friendship. It may not be widely known that Fidel is a very cultured man.” (Jose Goitia / Associated Press)
Javier Bardem in ‘Love in the Time of Cholera’
Javier Bardem starred in the 2007 film adaptation of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s novel “Love in the Time of Cholera.” (Daniel Daza / Stone Village Pictures)
‘Memoria de mis putas tristes’
Readers in Colombia were so eager to get copies of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s novella “Memoria de mis putas tristes” (Memories of My Melancholy Whores) in 2004 that pirated copies were circulated early and its official publication date was moved up by a week. (Luis Acosta / AFP/Getty Images)
Gabriel Garcia Marquez in 2007
Gabriel Garcia Marquez arrives in his hometown of Aracataca, Colombia, in 2007, his first visit after winning the Nobel Prize in literature 25 years before.  (Jairo Castilla / Associated Press)