Peabody Library
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Remarkable libraries across America

The George Peabody Library at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. Opened in 1878 as the Library of the Peabody Institute of the City of Baltimore, it features five tiers of ornamental cast-iron balconies and a skylight 61 feet above the floor.  (Carol M. Highsmith )
The main branch library of the Salt Lake City Public Library. The six-story building opened in 2003, can house more than 500,000 books and other items, and features a curving wall of glass. (Carol M. Highsmith )
The Mammoth Lakes, Calif., public library is paired with its community center. The town gets an average of more than 200 inches of snow per year. (Carol M. Highsmith)
The Library of Congress’ Thomas Jefferson Memorial Building at night. (Carol M. Highsmith)
Inside the Library of Congress’ Thomas Jefferson Building, in the Great Hall. (Carol M. Highsmith)
The Orleans Street branch of the public library in Baltimore. (Carol M. Highsmith)
The Dorothy I. Height/Benning Neighborhood Library in Washington makes its purpose clear.  (Carol M. Highsmith)
The Georgetown neighborhood library in Washington. The building had been renovated after a 2007 fire.  (Carol M. Highsmith)
The Scoville Memorial Library in Salisbury, Conn., was established in 1803. It was the first free public library in the nation. (Carol M. Highsmith)
The Kingstowne Library branch of Alexandria, Va.,'s public library system opened its doors in 2000 in the Landsowne shopping center. (Carol M. Highsmith)
The Handley Library was opened in as a public library in Winchester, Va., in 1913 with a $250,000 gift from Judge John Handley.  (Carol M. Highsmith)
The David M. Hunt library in Falls Village, Conn. (Carol M. Highsmith)
New York City Library lion by sculptor Edward Clark Potter, dedicated in 1911. (Carol M. Highsmiith )
“Statue of Civilization,” by Lew Lawrie, at the Central Library in downtown Los Angeles. (Carol M. Highsmith)
The Watha T. Daniel/Shaw library in Washington. (Carol M. Highsmith)
The Pequot Public Library in Southport, Conn., was founded in 1889. (Carol M. Highsmith)
Inside the Burke Centre Library in Burke, Va. (Carol M. Highsmith)
What was once the main branch of the Palm Springs public library is now a private nonprofit library run by volunteers.  (Carol M. Highsmith)
The Noyes Library for Young Children in Kensington, Md., is a one-room, storybook-style cottage. (Carol M. Highsmith)