‘The Goldfinch’ being developed for film by ‘Hunger Games’ team

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The team behind the blockbuster film adaptation of “The Hunger Games” has signed on to make Donna Tartt’s 2013 bestseller “The Goldfinch” into a film -- or something.

The Wrap reports that Nina Jacobson’s Color Force is looking for the right director for the project. She expects the shape of the project to evolve once the director has signed on.

“We are looking for the right filmmaker, and then we’ll choose the right home based on that filmmaker,” Jacobson said. “We’ve been thinking we are more likely to make a limited series for TV. There’s so much scope to the book. At the same time, a filmmaker could come in with a perspective that changes our mind.”


Jacobson, former production head at Disney, has produced adaptations of Jeff Kinney’s “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” and “The Hunger Games” series by Suzanne Collins.

“The Hunger Games,” a dystopian young adult series, is a world away from “The Goldfinch.” Tartt’s nearly 800-page novel “The Goldfinch” is an ambitious work of literature that derives much of its story’s power from the internal perceptions and prevarications of its narrator.

The novel is a modern Dickensian story of a boy who loses his mother in a terrorist bombing of a New York museum. Virtually orphaned, he has to make his way in the world, accompanied by a secret treasure: a painting he takes from the site of the tragedy. He grows up in New York and Las Vegas, moving between negligent parents and generous benefactors, with love interests, friends both kind and devilish, drugs and bad choices. Often, it’s not his actions that are the point but what he understands and doesn’t understand about his relationships.

Jacobson didn’t reveal which directors Color Force has been talking to. “With a piece of material this great, there are a lot of conversations to be had,” she said.


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