Palatial Parking: Convenient for all Downtown, You’ll Want to Park – Or Ride – At Garage Mahal

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(Photo Courtesy of Circa Resort & Casino)

When brothers Derek and Greg Stevens conceived their glittering new Circa Resort & Casino in downtown Las Vegas, “different” seemed to be their watchword. And this theme extends all the way to the property’s adjacent parking structure, the wonderfully named Garage Mahal.

Cheeky pun aside, the Garage Mahal lives up to the palatial association (the Taj Mahal being the famously beautiful imperial mausoleum in Agra, India). Because this is a parking garage like we’ve never seen before, to the point where “garage” simply doesn’t do this forward-thinking, fully integrated creation justice.

Connected to Circa’s casino by an enclosed, air-conditioned walkway offering incredible views of bustling downtown Las Vegas below, Garage Mahal is the most high-tech and innovative transportation hub in Las Vegas. It accommodates not only valet, self-parking, and long-term parking - around 1,000 spaces, in all - but is also Vegas’ first such structure with dedicated rideshare lanes for quick Uber and Lyft drop-offs/pickups. Additionally, it houses downtown’s only Hertz car rental location.

And the eight-story Garage Mahal is, quite literally, a work of art. In addition to the 22-foot-tall blue-and-gold chandelier gracing the rideshare area, there are intriguing installations by featured artists on video walls visible as you drive in and out, plus murals and artwork throughout. Even the exterior is stylish, adorned with LED lights and metal panels that mirror the finishes of Circa itself.

The first-floor murals by local artist Eric Vozzola feature classic casino icons, like cherries and dice, which repeat on every other floor. Each level of Garage Mahal features a sculpture in the shape of that floor’s number, adorned with toy cars (over 3,200 in all). These features, alongside dedicated colors for each level, make finding your car a breeze - even after a long day by the pool!

And if you still can’t recall where you parked, panoramic security cameras covering almost every inch of Garage Mahal provide not only provide reassuring 24-hour surveillance but also allow its security team to locate any given vehicle in seconds.

Alice O’Keefe, Circa Resort & Casino’s director of design and architecture, went to great trouble to avoid creating yet another dull and dimly lit concrete structure. By contrast, Garage Mahal is bathed in both natural and artificial light, including continuous LED fixtures on every level.

Garage Mahal is also equipped with high-speed broadband Wi-Fi throughout, which further enhances its seamless rideshare experience.

And it’s an unusually clean facility, with dedicated janitorial teams and immaculate bathrooms - when is the last time you heard that praise given to a parking structure? Designed from the ground up for the latest transportation trends, Garage Mahal provides an ultra-convenient and classy start to any Circa Resort & Casino stay or for just a quick in-and-out wager.

-Paul Rogers