L.A.'s gay matchmaker Mason Glenn: Focus on connections, stay mysterious

LA matchmaker Mason Glenn says chivalry isn't dead, especially on the first date.
LA matchmaker Mason Glenn says chivalry isn’t dead, especially on the first date.
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Los Angeles residents know that dating in the city is as diverse as it gets - culture, income and even basic expectations vary greatly. Gay men looking for a solid long-term relationship can find the process overwhelming.

L.A.'s Gay Matchmaking Club helps those who are looking for a long-term monogamous relationship, especially busy professional gay men. The club’s personal matchmaker, Mason Glenn, assists in the process by blending psychology, social science and experience to pair potential partners.

In a recent interview, he identified some common dating mistakes that gay men make.

Mistake 1: “Some men have such a specific laundry list of what they want, it’s like a 5 year-old girl planning her fantasy wedding. Looking for white men only? That just eliminated 60% of Los Angeles. Require a specific religion? You’re down to 20%. They need an income of $100K? You’re now down to 10%.”

“Gay men think with their eyes first. We do have good-looking guys in our club. But the goal is to keep an open mind and find the endearing qualities in a match that really stick with you and connect people for the long term.”


Mistake 2: “People say they want a long-term relationship, but they don’t want to put in the work for it,” he said. “A lot of people want to be chased, but no one wants to pursue. A lot of gay men are scared to commit because they’re insecure and L.A.'s focus on looks and status contributes to that.”

Glenn also has helpful tips for those first steps in meeting and courting a potential long-term mate.

Tip 1: “Chivalry goes a long way. Opening the door for someone on a date can have a huge impact. Sending flowers or a note after a few dates is nice because no one does it anymore. Calling in a timely manner after a date keeps the communication going - not just a text in the morning.”

Tip 2: “Don’t reveal too much early on; less is more. Share basic interests and find common ground on a first date, but keep it light. Intrigue and mystery are attractive.”

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By Adam Sandel, Brand Publishing writer