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Best Mexican Restaurant: Tacos Rosa

Best Mexican Restaurant: Tacos Rosa
Delicious dishes. (Tacos Rosa)

Celebrate fall with our new collection of unique, chile-relleno-based dishes.Our Chile Relleno Pie fuses a roasted Poblano pepper with baked chicken in a wine-cream reduction along with sweet potatoes, shiitake mushrooms, and cactus.

Our Chile Nogada Rosa features a roasted Poblano pepper stuffed with ground beef cooked with sugar apple, persimmons, pears, raisins, plantain, olives, tomato, and onion — topped with cactus pear cream sauce and pomegranate.

Last but not least, our Chile Relleno Tacos consist of twin Poblano and spinach GMO-free corn tortillas topped with roasted chilaca pepper stuffed with panela cheese and dressed with calabacitas.

We are proud to offer contemporary Mexico City cuisine honoring our ancestors, our bodies, and the earth. All of our menu items are prepared using artisan water and GMO-free corn. Whenever possible, we use wild and responsible seafood, greens from local organic farmers, and humanely-raised meats.


--Tacos Rosa