Well-rounded package
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2012 Mercedes-Benz SLK350

Well-rounded package
The Mercedes Benz SLK is and always has been the pied-a-terre of the company’s lineup. For 2012, Mercedes remodeled its bantam roadster to such a degree that Ty Pennington would be proud. The resulting SLK 350 is an impeccably well-rounded package that asserts its sportiness rather than merely hinting at it.  (Mercedes-Benz USA)
World-class interior
The inside of the SLK drips with class and elegance. This is an interior that will age far better than many of its occupants. Brushed metal trim conveys this grace, and it’s mixed with polished wood and minimal black plastic throughout the dashboard, flat-bottomed steering wheel and cabin. (Mercedes-Benz USA)
Interior options
The list of add-ons includes a Harman Kardon sound system with six-disc changer; 10GB harddrive and iPod integration; navigation with SiriusXM traffic and weather; heated seats; and an Airscarf ventilation system that will cycle warm air through a vent at the bottom of the headrest for topless motoring on chillier days.  (Mercedes-Benz USA)
Panorama sunroof
A pricey $2,500 option is a panorama sunroof that uses an electric current to switch the fix glass panel from transparent to opaque at the touch of a button. (Mercedes-Benz USA)
Inspiring confidence
On the road, the SLK’s chassis refuses to wiggle with the power top up. But stow it and hit the bumps and you will feel the flex, however furtive, that often plagues convertibles. Otherwise, the car’s steering and suspension are nicely balanced and provide a dynamic level of feedback that inspires confidence. (Mercedes-Benz USA)