James Bond will drive an Aston Martin DB10 in ‘Spectre’ movie

Aston Martin DB10
Aston Martin will build just 10 of these DB10 coupes to be used in the 2015 Bond film “Spectre.” The model teases what future production Aston Martins will look like.
(Aston Martin)

Daniel Craig may be the face of the next James Bond installment due in 2015, but for car fans, there’s only one star worth seeing.

Martin. Aston Martin.

Britain’s iconic sports car brand will be back on the silver screen next November, co-starring in the latest James Bond film “Spectre" alongside Daniel Craig, Ralph Fiennes, Christoph Waltz and Monica Bellucci.

To mark the 50th anniversary of 007 driving Aston Martins, the automaker debuted a bespoke coupe called the DB10. It’s an homage to Bond’s original Aston, a DB5 that first appeared in the 1965 film “Goldfinger.”


“It seems doubly fitting that today we unveiled this wonderful new sports car created especially for James Bond,” Andy Palmer, Aston Martin’s CEO, said in a statement Thursday.

That’s right, this is a toy for Bond only.

Aston’s design chief Marek Reichman and “Spectre" director Sam Mendes worked together to design the DB10 for the film. Just 10 copies will be built, and since it celebrates the DB5, Aston chose to call this model the DB10.

No other details about the DB10 were announced. But the automaker did say that it “gives a glimpse to the future design direction for the next generation of Aston Martins.”


The first of those models are expected in 2016 and will be the successor to the current DB9. It will likely remain a V-12 model, though subsequent cars will use a new generation of V-8 engines it is developing with Mercedes-Benz.

Aston Martin sold a 5% stake in the company to Mercedes in a deal that was finalized in December 2013. In addition to collaborating on the V-8s, the partnership will provide Aston with Mercedes’ in-car electronics, including navigation and audio systems.

Unfortunately, none of those systems include laser cannons hidden in the bumpers or invisibility cloaks for the car, so for those goodies you’ll have to stick with 2015’s “Spectre."

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