Aston Martin to build a limited run of DB4 G.T. ‘continuation’ cars


Start saving your shillings, and get in line: Aston Martin will build and sell 25 units of a “continuation” of its historic DB4 G.T. race car, and they’ll cost $1.9 million each.

The English car company will begin delivering the new DB4 G.T.s in late 2017, and hasn’t released images of the vehicle yet.

But sources at the company say it will be a modernized version of the original 3.7-liter DB4 G.T., which was a racing superstar between 1959 and 1963, often at the hands of Stirling Moss.


The new vehicle will be powered by a new version of the traditional straight six-cylinder engine, putting power to the rear wheels through a 4-speed manual transmission, and will feature aluminum panels over a tubular frame.

Called “Britain’s fastest passenger sports car,” only 75 units of the DB4 G.T. were produced. (Considerably more of the regular, tamer DB4s were made. That production vehicle was made between 1958 and 1963.) The 25 new vehicles, Aston Martin says, will be for the track only. No street-legal versions will be built.

The company will include a two-year international driving program, with access to racetracks and driving instructors, as part of the purchase price.

The new vehicles will come with VINs that will continue from the last DB4 G.T. built. They will be built in the English town of Newport Pagnell, in the same factory where the originals were constructed.

Aston Martin has made a regular habit of producing limited-run specialty cars. Over the last few years, the company built and sold out the AM-RB 001 (150 cars made), a Vanquish Zagato Coupe and Vanquish Zagato Volante (99 each) and a Vulcan (24).

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