2008 Ducati Hypermotard 1100
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2008 Ducati Hypermotard 1100

Ducati’s Hypermotard 1100 S may look like a dual sport on steroids, but don’t be fooled. (Don Kelsen / LAT)
The Ducati’s throttle is unforgiving: Pray that you’re behind a Porsche when the light goes green, because anything else moves too slowly. (Don Kelsen / LAT)
The Hypermotard isn’t about horsepower, it’s about torque. (Don Kelsen / LAT)
On the asphalt in Azusa Canyon. Almost all of the 1,000 Hypermotards slated for North America this year have been pre-sold. (Don Kelsen / LAT)
With mirrors collapsed, the bike is just 38 inches wide. (Don Kelsen / LAT)
Ducati has elevated dirt-bike basics to high art with elegant touches such as the under-tail exhaust. (Don Kelsen / LAT)
The Hypermotard wants to climb up and over whatever happens to be in its way. (Don Kelsen / LAT)