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When Fords Were Fabulous

Ford Motor Company’s recent problems seem all the more regrettable when you consider the classic cars of it’s storied past. Phil Skinner, editor of the Classic Car Guide for Kelley Blue Book, shares the Fords he found most fascinating at the 2008 Fabulous Fords Forever car show this past month in Buena Park.

By Phil Skinner, Special to the Los Angeles Times

A number of Model T Fords were on hand to celebrate the Tin Lizzie’s centennial, but we were taken by this 1919 Dairy Dump truck, restored and presented by Opal Boersman. (Phil Skinner)
This wild looking machine is a one-off custom built Mercury that, while never produced, did look rather handsome. It’s a 1956 “Crown” Montclair, utilizing parts from its sister make, the Ford, and shown by owner, Jim Miller, who would love to know the history of this particular car. (Phil Skinner)
Representing the 1950’s in style, Dean Johnson from Carson displayed his 1956 Ford Customline Victoria hardtop. (Phil Skinner)
Rescued from a wrecking yard in Utah five years ago, Don and Janet Thomas proudly displayed their 1962 Lincoln Continental 4-door convertible-sedan, he said it was powerful, fast, and could pass anything on the road, except a gas station! (Phil Skinner)
Grabbing plenty of attention was Shelby Automotive’s display of the Daytona coupe replica, a near perfect match for the car that won at Le Mans in the 1960’s. (Phil Skinner)
How many people even remember that they made four-door FordThunderbirds, such as this 1969 example, built at the Los Angeles assembly plant and displayed at the Fabulous Ford’s Show by owner Martin Hardlund of Buena Park. (Phil Skinner)
A large selection of Ford sub-compact from the 1970’s, the Pinto, were on hand including this beautifully preserved 1974 Runabout, one of a half dozen brought to Knott’s Berry Farm by owner Brian Shapen. (Phil Skinner)
Without the doubt, the most photographed and talked about car at the 2008 Fabulous Fords Forever show was this Disco-Go 1972 Ford Pinto, decorated with 1000’s of tiny mirrors inside and out, even the seats had been covered in reflective silver sequins. (Phil Skinner)
Beautifully choreographed, this row of nearly 20 late model Mustangs, each with unique trim, power-plants, wheels or other custom features, but all painted Lime Green metallic, was one of the biggest displays at Knott’s Berry’s Fabulous Ford’s Forever show. (Phil Skinner)