2008 Scion xB
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2008 Scion xB

The second-generation xB is, by the finely calibrated scales of postmodern design, less winsome and ironic, less a thumb in the eye than a finger in the wind of the marketplace. -- Dan Neil (Photo by Scion)
The sheer strangeness of the shape -- the bumper jutting out like Alfred Hitchcock’s lower lip -- seems playful, a bit of inspired anti-snobbery that foils the sleek-equals-cool expectation. -- Dan Neil (Photo by Scion)
The centrally located instrument panel includes a place to plug in your iPod. (Photo by Scion)
To be sure, the new xB is not as much a cult object as before. It’s bigger, heavier, unquestionably more mainstream, with a kind of American hot-rod conventionalism (the chop-top roof) supplanting the Asian preciousness. -- Dan Neil (Photo by Scion)