W.W.N.Y.D. (What would New Yorkers Drive?)
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W.W.N.Y.D.? (What would New Yorkers Drive?)

W.W.N.Y.D. (What would New Yorkers Drive?)
By Joni Gray, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer

Inquiring minds in Los Angeles want to know...
New York city -- Manhattan -- is not exactly known as a driver’s town, but rather a town to be driven around in. Ironically, the New York Auto Show is one of the most highly attended shows in the country and there was no shortage of popular New Yorkers attending the pre-show parties around town.

So, since most residents of the Big Apple don’t own cars, and the, we thought it was worth asking some of its cooler residents, “What would you drive if you did own a car in New York City?” ()
Tinsley Mortimer, NY Socialite – Porsche Cayenne
Considered by some to be New York’s preeminent socialite, Tinsley Mortimer never misses an exclusive party and if she didn’t have a driver to transport her and her entourage, she told us a Porsche Cayenne would do nicely. Tinsley admitted to being a bit car-challenged, “I really don’t know anything about cars, but I do like the way the Porsche Cayenne looks,” she said. (Will Ragozzino/Getty Images/Porsche)
Traver Rains, fashion designer – Mini Cooper
Traver Rains, the other half of Heatherette design team (Richie Rich’s business partner), is impressed with the new interest in diesel technology. “I grew up on a farm in Montana and all we ever had were diesel trucks. I wouldn’t mind having a big Chevy truck, but as far as design goes, I like the Mini Cooper – and I’d like it even more if it came in a diesel version.” (Will Ragozzino/Getty Images/MINI)
Natalia Rachlin, NY Fashion Journalist – Vintage Porsche 911
New Yorker, Natalia Rachlin is a freelance fashion writer and contributor to fashion hipster e-zine, Refinery29.com. When asked what car she would choose she didn’t hesitate for a moment – “I would only be want to be seen in a vintage Porsche – Circa 1971.” (Porsche)
Christian Siriano, Season 4 Project Runway Winner – BMW X5
Tiny and talented Christian Siriano, winner of “Project Runway, Season 4,” was making the party-scene rounds posting for pics and looking fierce and fabulous. Favorite ride? “I know they’re huge and not really great for the planet, but I love the BMW X5.” He also gave props to the Mercedes-Benz G-Class. “If you’re going to drive yourself around the city, you need to be well protected.” (Will Ragozzino/Getty Images/BMW)
Sean William Scott – Jeep Safari
Hey, that’s Stiffler! Yes, we ran into Sean William Scott, a resident of Manhattan, but he wasn’t into getting his photo taken – instead, he took my photo (me and my friend, Robyn). He admitted that being a New Yorker, he’s not really into cars. “I have a old Jeep Safari and that’s all I need -- I love it!” (MICHAEL TERCHA/Los Angeles Times/Chrysler-Jeep)
Lauretta Vaughn - Mercedes-Benz SLK
She plays recurring character, Kit, on the CBS Soap, “As the World Turns,” where she’s mastered an American accent for the show. She’s originally from the UK.

Lauretta Vaughn says that she would never want to drive in New York since she’s accustom to the right-handed driver’s seat and “wrong side of the street.” But, if she had to, she recons she would look hot in a Mercedes-Benz SLK. ()
Robert Verdi, Celebrity Stylist and TV host – Mercedes-Benz S-Class
Stylist (for Eva Longoria and Hugh Grant, among others) and host of “Full Frontal Fashion,” Robert Verdi, says that New Yorkers are much more up-front about their “green conscience” than are folks from L.A. “In New York, we say, ‘(expletive), good morning and in L.A. they say, ‘good morning, (expletive)’.” He added, In New York, we’re realists about being green – remember, we have to look at our own trash every day on the street.”

Robert imagines himself mainly in a Mercedes-Benz S-Class, but he would also like to drive a Taxi, a Smart 4two or MINI Cooper – all with bullet-proof glass. (Scott Gries/Getty Images/Mercedes-Benz)
Lindsay Wagner, Publicist – Lexus IS350
As the New York publicity agent for hot urban website and print publication, Automotive Rhythms publisher, Kmatni Rawlins, Lindsay gets plenty of exposure to the world of luxury cars. Lately, she claims to have fallen hard for the Lexus IS350. “It’s just the perfect combination of sportiness and luxury,” she said. (Photo by Spencer Weiner, Los Angeles Times)