It’s back to the courtroom for John DeLorean’s widow in dispute over iconic car’s film rights

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The widow of maverick automaker John DeLorean alleges that a Texas company has illegally received money from the “Back to the Future” movies that used his iconic car.

The car was featured in the 1985 movie and a 1989 sequel. DeLorean died in 2005.

Sally DeLorean claims that Universal Studios agreed in 1989 to pay her husband for use of the car’s image.

Her lawsuit, filed in federal court in New Jersey on Monday, alleges that the Texas company also claims it is owed the money and has received “a substantial payment.”


The Texas company is named DeLorean Motor Co. but isn’t affiliated with the one DeLorean started.

Sally DeLorean settled a lawsuit in 2015 allowing the company to use the DeLorean name, but she says contractual rights to benefit from its use in the film weren’t transferred.

Attorneys didn’t immediately return messages.