El Camino
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Pontiac G8’s take on the El Camino

General Motors has jumped into the auto industry’s retro trend, unveiling a half-pickup, half-muscle car amalgamation bearing a striking resemblance to a long-lost classic: the Chevy El Camino. (Cars.com)
The original El Camino, along with the nearly identical GMC Caballero, has indubitably earned a niche in popular culture, with references in songs by dozens of bands, including ZZ Top, and appearances in plenty of movies and TV shows, including “My Name Is Earl.” (Cars.com)
Introduced Wednesday at the New York International Auto Show, the Pontiac-branded, er, vehicle is a throwback to the “coupe utility” machines that populated high school make-out spots throughout the 1960s and ‘70s. (General Motors)
With the Pontiac G8’s U.S. debut expected by next year, GM is betting that nostalgia for the El Camino, which it stopped making in 1987, will get buyers into showrooms. (General Motors)
The Detroit giant’s decision to bring the strange, as-yet-unnamed, Australian-made machine to the U.S. displays the kind of flexibility that only a truly global automaker, with plants in multiple countries, has. The name of the new Pontiac will be decided in an online vote. (General Motors)
El Camino means “the road” in Spanish, and GM first built it in 1959 after Ford found success with its Ranchero, a similar car-truck combo built a few years earlier. (General Motors)
GM has not yet released pricing or fuel economy information for the new Pontiac. But with the average price of a gallon of gasoline at a record $3.284 nationally this week -- and 32 cents higher in California -- the automaker is gambling that it can find Americans to buy a two-seat, big-engine vehicle that’s as long as a Chevy Tahoe SUV. (General Motors)