Gay senior condo communities
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Condos for gay seniors

Jack Norris, center, greets fellow residents Gloria Donadello, left, and Mary Ellen Babcock during brunch at RainbowVision. (Katharine Kimball / For The Times)
R.C. Luna, left, leads a fitness class for Jean Johnston and Harold Layne.The fitness center holds at least seven classes daily, including yoga, walking and tap dancing. (Katharine Kimball / For The Times)
Retired playwright and college professor Ben Tarver kept his sexual orientation hidden when he moved into RainbowVision this year. He’s one of the few straight residents at the retirement community. (Katharine Kimball / For The Times)
Gloria Donadello and her dog, Billy, take a late afternoon stroll outside the development. When she lived in a mainstream retirement home, she spent most of her time in her room because she felt unwelcome. (Katharine Kimball / For The Times)
Judith Masur brags about her homemade pickled herring to neighbor Roger Bergstrom. (Katharine Kimball / For The Times)
Bill Eyler of Albuquerque leads Carol Colson during a country and western dance lesson at a bar at RainbowVision. Dances, movies, music and theater performances bring visitors, straight and gay, to the retirement community. (Katharine Kimball / For The Times)
Kate Barbee, left, and Patty Gomez, both of Santa Fe, take a spin around the dance floor. (Katharine Kimball / For The Times)