The tougher workplace

From the shop floor to the cubicle, the workplace is becoming more stressful.

As employers push efficiency, the daily grind wears down workers

Businesses are requiring U.S. employees to work harder without providing rewards and perks that were once routine. "It's a much tougher world," an expert says.

Tracking workers' every move can boost productivity — and stress

Employers count keystrokes and monitor personal social media accounts. They time bathroom breaks. The cost of efficiency may be worker satisfaction.

Monitoring upends balance of power at workplace, some say [video chat]

In a drive to cut costs and improve efficiency, companies are employing an ever-increasing array of tracking and monitoring technology to see what their employees are doing at all times, according to a story in Monday¿s Los Angeles Times.

Tougher workplace makes home life worse too

How the relationship between employers and workers changed

The numbers behind the decline in workplace benefits

Is the tougher workplace slowing down the economic recovery?

If workers feel that they have little job security and could be replaced at any time, they¿re unlikely to spend a lot of money on the big ticket items that fuel consumer spending and, thus, the GDP.