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‘The Simpsons’ abroad

The fact that “The Simpsons” TV show airs in more than 200 countries all but assured a good run for the movie, which 20th Century Fox released Friday. (FOX)
“Humor doesn’t always translate across cultures. But I do think that the relationship between father and son is universal,” says Paul Hanneman, co-president of 20th Century Fox International. (FOX)
The movie was dubbed in 31 languages, and Marge, Homer and the clan can be heard speaking Dutch, Mandarin, Cantonese, Thai and Greek for the first time. (FOX)
Actors who did the voice-overs had to be careful to stay loyal to the “Simpsons” cadences and tone. (FOX)
The Fox team had to find talent to dub in Castilian Spanish as well as a more Latin American Spanish and in Parisian French as well as Quebeçois. (FOX)
This Spanish-language promo tells moviegoers, “Look at our family -- and feel better about the one you have.” (FOX)
A French promotion for the movie. (FOX)
Generations of television viewers around the world have soaked in the Simpson way of life. (FOX)
In cities where the TV show is popular, the studio had to make both subtitled and dubbed prints of the movie. (FOX)
There are countries where the Simpsons haven’t caught on, but France isn’t one of them. (FOX)
A Russian ad for “The Simpsons Movie.” (FOX)