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Barbie Through the Years

1959: Barbie makes her debut wearing a zebra-striped swimsuit. (© Mattel, Inc.)
1963: Graduation Barbie appears. (© Mattel, Inc.)
1969: Plush Pony Barbie still looks hip. (© Mattel, Inc.)
1977: Now Look Ken and Quick Curl Barbie were hot. (© Mattel, Inc.)
1983: Barbie and boyfriend Ken (full name: Ken Carson) are shown in this file photo. (© Mattel, Inc.)
1991: Mattel introduces Navy Barbie. (© Mattel, Inc.)
1997: Talk With Me Barbie is shown in this undated handout photo. The doll came with with a computer — on a pink desk of course — and software that made her talk. (© Mattel, Inc.)
1999: Butterfly Art Barbie poses on a model car in front of her dream house. (© Mattel, Inc.)
1999: Madame du Barbie wore an elaborate gown designed by Bob Mackie. (© Mattel, Inc.)
2000: Generation Girl Barbie dolls are seen on display by Mattel at the American International Toy Fair in New York. (© Mattel, Inc.)
2000: Barbie dolls for the Olympics are displayed at the American International Toy Fair. (Doug Kanter / AFP)
2000: President Barbie was available as a Caucasian, African American and Hispanic doll. (© Mattel, Inc.)
2000: Jewel Girl Barbie was the first to have a bellybutton and a new, more athletic physique. (© Mattel, Inc.)
2001: Sugarplum Princess Barbie was in short supply during the holiday shopping season. (© Mattel, Inc.)
2002: Rapunzel Barbie was one of the many fanciful dolls in the brand. (©Mattel, Inc.)
2004: Cali Barbie becomes a single girl after Mattel announces her breakup with Ken, her boyfriend of 43 years. (Tina Fineberg / AP)
2005: Barbie kept pace with the aspirations of generations of young girls. (© Mattel, Inc.)
2005: After two years of decline, Mattel made a sales rebound with dolls like Barbie Fashion Fever. (© Mattel, Inc.)
2006: L.A.-based bridal and eveningwear designer Monique Lhuillier is the latest designer to dress Barbie. (© Mattel, Inc.)