No. 10: Texas
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Top 10 wine-producing states

No. 10: Texas
Texas may be the last state you think of for producing wine, but it produced 1.2 million gallons of it in 2012. Above, wine drinkers enjoy wine in Dallas. (John Tornow)
No. 9: New Jersey
New Jersey produced 1.6 million gallons of wine last year. Above, a train offers tours of vineyards to visitors in the region.  (Nick Harris)
No. 8: Florida
Florida, the largest producer of processed juice, also cracked the top 10 list of wine-producing states. In 2012, Florida produced 1.9 million gallons of wine.  (Robert Neff)
No. 7: Kentucky
Kentucky is known for its whiskey and bourbon, but it also produced 2.4 million gallons of wine in 2012. Above, a view of Equus Run Vineyard in Lexington, Ky. (Flickr/Navin75)
No. 6: Ohio
Ohio is the top wine-producing state in the Midwest. In 2012, the Buckeye State produced 3 million gallons of wine. Above, in a 2002 file photo, Tina Fowler picked a cluster of frozen grapes from a vineyard in Madison Township.  (C.H. Pete Copeland/The Plain Dealer)
No. 5: Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania produced 3.6 million gallons of wine in 2012. Above, wine from Miller Estate Vineyard in Pennsylvania.  (Jameson Fink)
No: 4 Oregon
Oregon produced 6.8 million gallons of wine last year. Above, a 2005 file photo of Cristom Vineyards in Salem, Ore.  (Andrea J. Wright/Associated Press)
No. 3: Washington
Washington produced 24.5 million gallons of wine in 2012. Above, a sampling of red wines from the Walla Walla region of the state. (Michael Robinson Chavez/Los Angeles Times)
No. 2: New York
New York produced 26.4 million gallons of wine last year, far behind California, which produces roughly 90% of U.S. wine. Above, Art and Joyce Hunt, owners of Hunt Country Vineyards, pose for a photo in 2002 at their vineyard in Branchport, N.Y.  (Kevin Rivoli/Associated Press)
No. 1: California
No surprise here: California produced 667.6 million gallons of wine in 2012, making it by far the largest wine-producing state in the U.S. Above, a Napa vineyard worker picks leaves out of a bin in September.  (George Rose/Getty Images)