Burbank airport has shoeless passengers covered

If you hate removing your shoes and shuffling through airport security checkpoints barefoot, blame Richard Reid, the Englishman who tried to detonate a bomb in his shoes in 2001.

But the Bob Hope Airport in Burbank has got you covered.

The airport installed two vending machines last month that sell plastic booties passengers can slip on to protect their feet from the not-so-sanitary airport floor. They sell for $3 a pair.

The booties, dubbed “Flightfeet,” debuted at the Burbank airport. The nonskid plastic foot covers resemble the protective shoe covers detectives wear to keep from contaminating a crime scene.


Kelley Kilgannon, the Upland woman who launched the vending business, said she hoped to get her product into major airports where security lines are notoriously long, such as Los Angeles International.

So far, sales are flat, but Kilgannon said she expects fliers to scramble to get her booties when checkpoint lines get long during the holidays.

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