1976 Honda Accord
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Eight generations of the Honda Accord

Honda Accord’s Past Generations
by: Joni Gray
First generation: 1976-81
The 1976 Honda Accord was available only as a three-door hatchback with a wheelbase smaller than Honda’s current subcompact, the Fit. Manual transmission was the mainstay, but you could also get the two-speed Hondamatic transmission as an option. This econo-box came fully loaded with manual windows, vinyl seats and a standard AM-FM radio. With only 68 horsepower and a 1.6-liter engine, this little baby carried a sticker price of $3,995. (Honda)
Second generation: 1982-85
The Accord had its first complete redesign in 1982. Created at Honda’s facility in Marysville, Ohio, these were the first cars to be produced in America by a Japanese company. With a longer wheelbase, a four-speed automatic transmission and a slightly bigger engine, the new Accord got a whopping 29/40 miles per gallon with its paltry 86 horsepower. (Honda)
Third generation: 1986-89
In 1986, Honda’s third-generation Accord came in five versions that sported the DX, LX and LXi trim monikers. These larger, sleeker Accords sported futuristic retractable headlights. The ’86 through ’89 models, then producing 110 horsepower, included options such as four-wheel disc brakes, leather-trimmed interiors and a Bose music system. (Honda)
Fourth generation: 1990-93
The Accord’s longer wheelbase placed it in the mid-size class; Honda added a wagon as well. The 2.2-liter, four-cylinder engine delivered 130 horsepower, and the gears increased too -- now you could get a five-speed manual or a four-speed automatic with sport-shift mode. Prices started at $12,345 and went all the way up to $17,595. (Honda)
Fifth generation: 1994-97
The mid-'90s brought the milestone of a V-6 engine -- big news for the mid-size vehicle class. This was also the generation in which the boxy ‘80s style finally went away and rounder features prevailed. And, of course, everything got bigger -- the length, the interior space and the horsepower, now up to 170. (Honda)
Sixth generation: 1998-2002
The Accord grew a few more inches in every direction, as usual, and dual-front air bags were added as standard equipment. With this generation, Honda introduced an entirely new body style for the coupe (not shown). (Honda)
Seventh generation: 2003-07
There were many firsts for the Accord during the seventh generation -- its first six-speed manual transmission (only on the coupe), the first navigation system and, in 2005, a gasoline-electric hybrid Accord (which has since been discontinued). (Honda)
The 2008 Accord sedan is significantly larger than the outgoing model -- 3 inches longer, 2.3 inches more wheelbase and almost an inch taller -- and the interior is gawdamighty huge, a full 120 cubic feet, which puts this midsize car in the Environmental Protection Agency’s full-size category. -- Dan Neil (Honda)