Burger King’s bacon sundae
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Outrageous fast food menu items

Burger King’s bacon sundae
Yes, that’s bacon on that ice cream. Burger King, the world’s second-biggest burger chain, introduced the bacon sundae as part of its summer menu.

More on Burger King’s effort to win over your taste buds: Get that with a side of sweet potato fries(Noel Barnhurst / Burger King / Associated Press)
Heart Attack Grill’s ‘Bypass’ burgers
The Heart Attack Grill has made headlines with its fatty foods -- meals that regularly weigh in at nearly 10,000 calories. It’s a lifestyle that carries risk -- even the owner says so. The grills’ record-setting Quadruple Bypass burger weighs in over three pounds and has nearly 200 calories per ounce. That works out to more than 9,500 calories.

Customer at Heart Attack Grill suffers heart attack
Owner calls customers risk-takers (Samson Loo / Flickr)
Pizza Hut’s P’Zolo sandwich
Pizza Hut’s new product comes in Meat Trio, Italian Steak and Buffalo Chicken and looks like a cross between a sub, a roll and a Costco-style chicken bake.

Read more on Pizza Hut’s grab for Subway’s market share(Pizza Hut)
Pizza Hut’s cheeseburger pizza
It looks like a standard meat-laden pizza but topped with the accouterments of a taco and ringed with mini burgers dripping with melted cheese.

More: Cheeseburger-ringed pizza debuts -- in the Middle East (Pizza Hut Middle East / YouTube)
Jack in the Box’s bacon milkshake
From Jack in the Box comes the bacon milkshake. But the concoction, which is heavy on the calories, uses flavored syrup, not real meat, to simulate the porky taste.

Like milkshakes? Check out what competitors are doing(Kjetil Ree / Flickr)
Wendy’s foie gras burger
Wendy’s made a high-end reentry into Japan with a $16 burger festooned with foie gras and truffles.

More: Will we have to go to Japan to get it? (Danny Choo / Flickr)
McDonald’s McRib sandwich
It seems the barbecue-sauce-smeared boneless pork patty molded into the shape of ribs just can’t stay away -- remember the 2005 “McRib Farewell Tour”? McDonald’s says the McRib is 500 calories (for a 7.3-ounce serving).

More: Got rib? (Ruocaled / Flickr)
Burger towers from Lotteria
For its 40th anniversary, Japanese burger chain Lotteria sold two burger towers - one a minaret made of cheeseburger and the other a high-rise fried shrimp burger.  (Lotteria)
Burger King Japan’s black burger and pumpkin burger
Burger King Japan is making a name for itself with fanciful creations. First came the Kuro Burger, a sandwich with black buns darkened by stirring bamboo charcoal into the dough. The chain also sells the seasonal Pumpkin Burger, which pops slices of kabocha in with the standard burger trappings.  (Burger King Japan)
Double Sensation Pizza from Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut Singapore launched a Double Sensation Pizza in late 2012. One crust is stuffed with cheesy chicken sausage, the other is crammed with three kinds of cheese. Toppings include chicken, turkey and ham on top of pepper alfredo and salsa. (Pizza Hut)
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