Fail (vi.)
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Defining success

Fail (vi.)
1. to be lacking or insufficient; fall short 2. to be unsuccessful in obtaining a desired end; miss 3. to spend about $160 million on the much-hyped “Poseidon” only to see it capsize and sink without a trace at the box office. ()
Succeed (vi.)
1. to achieve or accomplish something planned or attempted 2. realize a goal or goals, esp. in becoming wealthy 3. release critically panned “The Da Vinci Code” and still make about $200 million ()
Hit (n.)
1. a stroke of good fortune 2. a successful and popular song, singer, book, author, etc. 3. spending almost nothing on “The Blair Witch Project” and making more than $140 million ()
Miss (vi.)
1. to fail to hit something aimed at; go wide of the mark 2. to fail to be successful 3. to launch an expensive and long-awaited prequel to 1973’s “The Exorcist” that turns few heads ()