Toys for Tweens
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Targetting a Picky Clique

Toys for Tweens
TOYS FOR TWEENS: Toy Quest’s Brian Dubinsky in front of a TV showing a submersible cruiser, one of the company’s products. (Ricardo DeAratanha / LAT)
Up and Downs
UPS AND DOWNS: Product manager Julia Baggs on a Toy Quest slide last month. The company’s past successes, with products such as water slides, robotic pets and Minimoto electric motorcycles, don’t guarantee loyalty from fickle 8-to-12-year-old consumers. (Ricardo DeAratanha / LAT)
Going for a slide
GOING FOR A SLIDE: Toy Quest licensing manager Tonia Yaun and President Brian Dubinsky on a Bonzai Falls water slide at the company’s West Los Angeles headquarters last month. The line had nearly $500 million in retail sales last year, Dubinsky says. (Ricardo DeAratanha / LAT)
High-tech music
HIGH-TECH MUSIC: Toy Quest’s percussion tubes, licensed by multimedia troupe Blue Man Group, will sell for about $75. (Ricardo DeAratanha / LAT)