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Virgin America

The Virgin America ticketing booth is located in Terminal 6. Signs are up and information booth workers know how to direct travelers there from other locations at LAX. (Jen Leo / For The Times)
First class passengers on Virgin America get the red carpet treatment right from check in. (Jen Leo / For The Times)
Passengers can use the Virgin America kiosk to print out their boarding pass. (Jen Leo / For The Times)
Virgin America intends on greeting passengers with fresh flowers well beyond the first week of flights. (Jen Leo / For The Times)
Joyce Sandiford was one of the first guest members hired at Virgin America. She first heard from Gov. Schwarzenegger in 2002 that they might be coming and petitioned to have Virgin America launch in Los Angeles. (Jen Leo / For The Times)
Virgin America’s red tags are a visual signal to other travelers that you fly in style. (Jen Leo / For The Times)
Seat 1A. The Virgin America massage chairs in first class are the “Leatherman” of furniture. Media monitors, ports for being wired, tables and bookstands come out of this white-leather beauty. (Jen Leo / For The Times)
Jen kicks back and accepts the first class beverage service. (Jen Leo / For The Times)
The Virgin America “Red” media station has more than 25 movies, 30,000 MP3s and games with chatting and shopping services soon to come. (Jen Leo / For The Times)