Oakland may block port protests

OAKLAND — The Oakland City Council is set to consider a measure that directs city leaders to prevent future disruptions at the port, a week after anti-Wall Street protesters blocked longshoremen from reporting to work.

The measure was approved by the council’s four-member Rules and Legislation Committee last week. It is scheduled to go before the full council Tuesday night.

The measure comes after much of the Oakland port was shut down Dec. 12, as thousands of anti-Wall Street protesters disrupted truck traffic and blocked longshoremen from reporting to work for nearly 24 hours.

Police mostly stood back during the demonstration. The measure under consideration directs city leaders to use whatever “lawful tools” they have to prevent future disruptions.


Critics say such shutdowns are costly and embarrassing. Occupy protesters maintain they have a right to demonstrate at the port.

Oakland is California’s third busiest cargo container port, behind Los Angeles and Long Beach, and the nation’s sixth busiest overall.