Google unveils tools to speed up Internet searches


Google Inc. showed off some new tricks for easier and faster Web searching on the desktop.

“We are breaking down the barriers between you and the knowledge you seek,” Amit Singhal, one of Google’s top search engineers said at a news conference in San Francisco.

One tool lets users with the Chrome browser search for information on a desktop computer by using voice commands just as they would on a mobile device powered by Google’s Android software. Another tool available in extensions for Google’s Chrome browser and Mozilla’s Firefox browser enables the user to drag a digital image into the search box to find out about it.

On Tuesday Google also unveiled Instant Pages, which immediately loads Web pages after users click on search results, cutting several seconds from the search process.


On average, users spend nine seconds typing in a query and 15 seconds sifting through the results. Instant Pages, which is available for the Chrome browser, builds on Google Instant, which the company launched last year. Google Instant shows a page of search results as the user types a query.