You can get a discount on an iPhone -- but you have to relocate

Apple is strict about product pricing, but now you can get a legitimate discount on a brand new iPhone 4S.

But there’s a catch -- unless you already live in Kentucky, Virginia or Alaska, you have to move to one of those states.

That’s where small cellphone carriers will be offering the phone, beginning April 20, for $150, according to an Associated Press report.

That’s $49 less than what’s charged by major carriers AT&T, Verizon and Sprint for the hugely popular phone, with a two-year contract.


The phone companies that will offer the discount -- Appalachian Wireless in Kentucky, NTelos Wireless of Virginia and Alaska Communications -- will have to shoulder the price break. Phone companies normally subsidize the iPhone, which costs about $600 wholesale.

NTelos Chief Financial Officer Stebbins Chandor told the AP that his company is projecting that the iPhone will start paying off for them in 2014.


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