Siri helps Zooey Deschanel identify rain


A new pair of ads for iPhone 4S may have personal assistants around town a little concerned. Siri has gone Hollywood, helping celebrities figure out things like rain and where to find organic mushrooms.

In a departure from Apple’s earlier ads that used celebrities only for warm and authoritative voice-overs, a couple of new TV ads feature actor Samuel L. Jackson and “New Girl” actress Zooey Deschanel engaging with Siri.

Fans note that Sam Jackson doesn’t curse and Zooey Deschanel doesn’t sing in these ads. You’ll have to wait for the parodies that will certainly come.


Jackson brings his swagger, canceling his golf game and opting for “date night” instead. Siri helps him find organic mushrooms for his risotto, remember to put the gazpacho on ice -- “unless you like hot-zpacho” -- and convert ounces to cups.

Down the way, in a quaint commercial home, Deschanel is still in her pink PJs. While she (thankfully) doesn’t croon this time, she brings her bright-eyed saccharine-sweetness.

After helping her determine that it’s raining, Siri tells the actress from where she can get tomato soup delivered -- because she doesn’t want to “put on real shoes.” A conspicuously musical room has books strewn about. Deschanel has Siri remind her to clean up tomorrow because “today, we’re dancing.” “Shake, Rattle and Roll” plays on the home speakers via AirPlay.

Both ads note that sequences were shortened. Hollywood is harsh even to its stars. Apparently some of Siri’s lines were left on the cutting room floor.


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