Expecting a baby? You can now make it Facebook official

Facebook has added “Expecting a Baby” to its list of Life Events for users’ Timelines.

“Life Events are easy and expressive ways to mark significant moments in your life such as getting married, buying a house or traveling to new places,” Facebook said in a release. “If you choose to, you can now share that you are expecting a baby with your friends on Facebook.”

The social network announced the addition this week, which expecting parents will likely appreciate while users who are already flooded with pictures of their friends’ babies probably won’t.

Photos: Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg


Regardless, you’ll be seeing a lot more about your friends’ babies on Facebook.

The company said that along with the new Life Event, users will now see when their friends are expecting a baby in the Celebrations section of their Facebook page, which is where you see users’ birthdays and events.

To access the new option, go to your Timeline and click on Life Event. From there choose Family & Relationships and a list of selections containing Expecting a Baby will come up.

However, if you don’t yet have the feature, don’t worry. It looks like Facebook is rolling it out to users slowly (for example, my profile doesn’t yet include the new option).

So until you get the new feature, hold off on expecting any babies.


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