Picture emerges of what’s believed to be the iPad mini’s screen

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A picture has made it to the Web that shows what could be the rumored iPad mini’s screen.

The display is 7.85-inches diagonally, which is the size the iPad mini is believed to have.

The newly discovered part does not have a 4:3 aspect ratio, which is what the current iPad has. However, this could be further proof the part is legitimate because the latest rumors say the iPad mini will differ from the iPad and be more like the upcoming iPhone and the iPod Touch.

The picture of the screen was put online by Gizmodo, which says it receive the image from “a tipster with strong business ties to China.”


But there is certainly the possibility that this part is not the real piece. In the Gizmodo piece, Kyle Wiens of iFixit, which sells parts to repair Apple products, says the part could have been plucked from another tablet.

Regardless, iPad mini rumors are beginning to pick up with intense speed as September draws closer because many expect Apple will launch the iPhone 5 on Sept. 12. The iPad mini is also rumored to possibly launch alongside the next Apple smartphone or some time in early October.


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