Monkey in a coat gains worldwide (Web) fame: #IKEAMonkey


He’s @IKEAmonkey on Twitter and fast becoming a meme star. Tweeters were having a blast Monday morning with the tiny monkey that surprised shoppers at a Toronto IKEA.

“BREAKING: 53% of Toronto residents say they’ll vote #ikeamonkey for mayor.”

“Report: Lawyers are working to free #ikeamonkey. They’re working pro bonobo.”

According to the Toronto Star, the monkey, dressed in a faux shearling coat and diaper, was sighted in a parking garage of the IKEA on Sunday afternoon. Witnesses told the Star that the monkey -- “smaller than a cat” -- was dashing around, screaming and agitated.

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The rhesus macaque reportedly had escaped his owner’s car. He was captured by Toronto Animal Services personnel. According to the Star, the owner of the primate turned himself in to Animal Services and was charged with owning a prohibited animal, which carries a $200 fine.

The monkey was removed from its owner’s care as the agency sought a sanctuary for the animal, which was not very pleased with his change in circumstance, according to the Globe and Daily Mail. An official with Animal Services said he was comfortable but unhappy.

Mary Lou Leiher told the news outlet that very chilly Canada was no place for the exotic pet.

“Get a dog,” she said.


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